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Boy can dreams ruin your day!  Let me explain.

I woke up in a cold sweat the other night just before I was leaving for Central California to attend Just Cruzin’s Fall Classic car show at storied Pismo Beach. I hit the sack a little later than normal because I wanted to make sure I was packed accordingly with all the right equipment -- batteries, toothpaste, jacket -- you know the drill.  But this trip wasn’t one of those dreaded “get to the airport three hours in advance” journeys.

No, it was a road trip that I was really looking forward to.  In fact, I was overly excited about this late-season event, because the drive up Pacific Coast Highway was going to be a blast.  That was because Chevrolet had just delivered to my doorstep a brand-new red 2006 Corvette convertible.  I was champing at the bit to hug those winding roads with the top down and the satellite radio cranking tunes from whichever decade I chose.  Cool way to go to sleep, I reckoned.  But sweet dreams weren’t in the cards this particular night.

What I experienced can only be described as unimaginable.  It wasn’t really a horror-type dream, or one where you find yourself getting up to see if the car is still parked in the garage.  No, it was more than that. Much more! It was, well, like the beginning of a nuclear war.

Now before you jump to conclusions and think that the nuclear test that the North Koreans recently shocked the world with had something to do with my nightmare, rest assured, to my knowledge there wasn’t anyone killed in my dream.  In fact, there wasn’t even any blood shed that I remember.  No, just a warped sense of celestial misalignment.

What I experienced can only be described as one of those mind-bending unrealities that you often get when you are deep in thought, whether conscious or not.  You know the ones I’m referring to, like when you’re falling uncontrollably and there doesn’t seem to be a bottom anywhere in sight.  This dream was all that and more!

What had me so discombobulated was akin to finding out that your favorite soft drinks all came from the same can.  Imagine turning on the tube and hearing that Coke and Pepsi had joined forces to bring you a new mix of corporate taste -- CocaPepsi.  Doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

Or better yet, what do you think would be the outcome if the Democratic and Republican parties joined forces and ran our government with the same mindset.  What a concept: the right and left meeting in the middle and actually talking to one another.

No, what my mind was filled with during those few hours of sleep was a much more far-fetched possibility in our world.  It was incredibly mind-boggling and, I can only describe it as having numbed my senses.

What my nightmare suggested just couldn’t be possible.  I had to wake up to find out.  Was I wrong, did I actually hear that (gasp) the word on the street in Detroit was that Chevy and Ford were considering joining forces to become one company?  Sacrilege.  The Earth has come off its axis.  We’re all doomed to driving Camaro IIs or Mustang SSs.  What kind of thinking is this, I shouted upon waking up, dream fresh in memory.  There’s no way this could even be considered.  Right?

Well, not entirely.  I did a little digging and it really was out there.  The bean counters and corporate know-it-alls had in fact thrown that idea onto their big business conference table.  Of course, what I also learned was that these talks were centered around trying to save two of the world’s biggest companies whose financial futures look dismal, at best.  Both the General and FoMoCo are in a world of hurt, despite the cool new Impala SSs and Mustang Cobras that we see hitting the streets.  No, the root of my nightmare was obviously fed by the almighty greenback, and the fact that too many of them are going to foreign companies.  So what can we do?

Well, after I woke up and realized that it was only a dream, that no ink had dried on a corporate merger agreement that would, I believe, effectively kill all possibility of future performance cars, and create what could aptly be described as a world war among enthusiasts, I felt that there was still hope to prevent this catastrophe from becoming a big-biz reality.  I don’t know that I have the answer.  It may simply be a matter of time if our economy keeps supporting foreign-built vehicles.  But let’s just make sure the GM bigwigs know our stance before they go much further.  If we go down fighting at least it will be in the spirit of the American Way!

For me, at least, the nightmare didn’t prevent me from enjoying my trip up the coast.  Even if it was too cold to drop the top and too congested to open up the throttle.  At least I felt comfort in knowing that it was still a good ol’ Chevrolet I was driving.