Volume III, Issue 4, Page 28

Yes, that is a blower peeking out from under the dog house. It’s connected to a 383 stroker with ported and polished Dart heads, 200HP Cheater Series NOS, Comp cam, 750cfm carburetor, and a street/strip Turbo 400.

Remember Vans? Oh yeah. Remember how they went from virtually nothing to bust the car scene wide open? Well, they’re still around and are one area of car fun and sports that has remained true to its cause. It’s still a vestige for those who truly believe and want to mix with others that hold the same cause true. For us, the outsiders, it’s a window into a part of history as well as a look at how some of their brood have evolved.

We checked out the Van Nationals, held this year, in Ohio. The show actually takes up the better part of a week and over 550 loyalists rolled to the venue. The Van Nats, their biggie of the year, is held at a different location every year. It’s an unusual kind of show in as much as it’s held more for the participants than spectators.

They also claim it’s for, “Vans, Panels and Animals” – their quote, not ours. The biggest case in point of how this show is for them is how they hold their Show and Shine. Run on Friday during the day rather than Saturday or Sunday, it gives everyone a chance to show off. They clean ‘em up and break out the angel hair, mood/theme music, strobe lights and all the cool, showy toys. That premise is still the same, show off your van (or panel) and what you’ve done to it. And with the changes that have happened in the automotive field in the last 25-plus years since vans went big, there are some really cool happenings and rides.

How ‘bout a Caddie nose on an Astro Van? They even camp out in Vans!

It was one of the most fun shows we’ve attended in a long, long time. In fact, it was far out, man!

“The Van” sports some serious paint. Check this out!