Volume III, Issue 5, Page 9

"Bad" Brad Ford of Gardendale, AL took the Bracket Two (non-electronics) battle, defeating Rick Justice of Wetumpka in the finals.  Ford took his 1972 Nova to a 6.461 run on his 6.40 dial at 104.15 mph.  His .049 light gave him a big starting line advantage over Justice, who ran 5.663 on his 5.66 dial at 120.72 in his 1937 Chevy roadster.

Fort Walton Beach, FL racer Brian Bogen took the DOT class win over Kevin Tolliver of Wetumpka, who ended the contest on the starting line with a red light.  Bogen took his '06 Pontiac GTO to a 13.142 dial on a 13.17 dial (1/4 mile) at 109.82 mph.  Tolliver ran a 10.486 at 128.44 miles per hour. 

The Jr. Dragster final was a sister act, with Kayla McClain of Andalusia, AL facing off against little sister Mary Ella McClain.  Kayla scored an .079 light and a 8.311 on her 7.95 dial at 81.66 mph.  Mary Ella turned on the reds to end the contest but ran an 8.985 on her 8.91 dial at 74.60 mph.



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