A/GS winner Tommy Schiffilea

Al Schwichtenberg, who towed in from Arizona, qualified number one with a dead-on-the-index 7.60. He obviously had his 427 rat-motored ’68 Corvette dialed into the track. In the first round he put California racer Chris Beanes out using a .043 RT combined with a 7.601/179.71 lap  to defeat Beanes’ 380-inch small block-powered Henry J. Beanes left second with a .048 RT and then ran an out-the-back-door breakout lap of 7.588/178.88. 

In the very next round Schwichtenberg got a dose of the bad medicine Beanes had to swallow when he broke out with a 7.598/169 effort that sent Irv Helms and his ’63 split-window ‘Vette to the final round.

One interesting note about Schwichtenberg’s loss is that he had a respectable .063 light while Helms had a .638 RT!

On the other side of the ladder Tommy Schiffilea, driving his ’40 Willys sedan, took the semi-final win over Andrew Hiemstra’s ’56 Bel Air when Hiemstra rolled the beams and got a red-light.

Andrew Hiemstra