NASCAR is by far the post-popular motorsport in this country and by some accounts, the most popular spectator sport.  Most of us here at Max Chevy are huge fans of anything with an engine; we each love our cars and our kind of racing. 

While my preference is for drag racing, growing up in Southern
California exposed me to the L.A. Times Grand Prix for
Sports Cars, Trans-AM and NASCAR Cup at Riverside,
CART Racing at Ontario, Midgets at Ascot and
drag racing at any of the multiple, legendary
drag strips in SoCal. Ah, the good ole days.

There are still many kinds of motorsports to experience all over the country, but in many cases it’ll take you longer to drive there than it used to.  Most gear heads will be quick to say, “Hey what’s the big deal, I could do that,” when watching on a NASCAR race on the tube.  Have you ever wanted to drive a real racecar, but are not sure if you have the budget to campaign one these days? 

Do you want to see just how good you are, elbows up, up on the wheel?  There are some rather inexpensive ways to get your but in the seat of a real racecar and mix it up on some of this country’s best racetracks. 

If you are a thrill seeker, this one is for you – the L.A. Racing Experience.  You’ll get behind the wheel of a competitive Late Model Stock Car on the 12-degree banked, asphalt half-mile at the Irwindale Event Center, it is described by many drivers as one of the best NASCAR short tracks in this country and you can drive it wide open!  You’ll find this Super Speedway located just 25 miles from Downtown LA.

This isn’t a driving school, hence the L.A. Racing Experience name, but I’ll guarantee you a experience you can’t get on the street in the best equipped performance European touring car.  The cars you drive here are real racecars, real purpose-built Super Late Models, the same cars you’d watch in the feature race, on your local circle track.