Volume I, Issue 2, Page 24

This restored ’70 Chevelle SS obviously is a vehicle that needs indoor and outdoor protection. Covercraft’s WeatherShield® material is both lightweight and compact, excellent for on the road car shows.

In the same way the roof of your house protects you’re family from the elements, a portable car cover can provide the same protection for your classic Chevy! Old or new, street, race or contemporary (including pickup trucks and SUVs), there’s a vehicle cover that will fit your needs.

Multi-color WeatherShield® custom covers are a hot new trend. They are available in several color combos and the best material for severe weather conditions.

While this product doesn’t exactly fit into the “how to make your car faster” tech category, we felt that most owners would appreciate knowing how to keep their rides looking good as well as going fast. So we decided that a short piece on car covers would be a benefit to us all.  To help us scratch the surface (no pun intended) of this huge segment of the aftermarket industry, we contacted the gurus at Covercraft, which we found out is one of the largest manufacturers of vehicle protection products in the country, providing a library of more than 55,000 cover patterns.

The low-slung nose of this Camaro is perfect for a padded, custom fit bra. They are custom tailored and available for most Chevy cars, trucks and vans.


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