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One last touch to the frame before Vince blew it all apart and sprayed it with a PPG high gloss black to match the exterior was the installation of motor mounts usually meant for a small block Chevy-powered ’40 Ford, which were molded to the frame. While the chassis was being finished, Sica took a legendary 327-inch small block and had it punched out to increase its displacement to 331 cubic inches, a winning Pro Stock combination made famous by Bill ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins, no doubt a throwback to Vince’s drag racing days. Keith Black high-dome pistons produce a 10.5:1 compression ratio, with a Melling oil pump, Powermaster 150 amp alternator, Holley fuel pump, and a reverse rotation aluminum water pump rounding out the short-block’s bolt-ons.

Up top, an Edelbrock dual quad manifold and matching fuel meters feed the engine its fuel, while an MSD 6A2 ignition ignites the mix. Coolflex hoses and a custom low profile air cleaner machined by Powermaster’s Coy Hudnall to clear the stock hood provide some sparkle. While keeping with the understated theme, Vince added a billet cap or cover here and there to accent the otherwise all-black theme.

When it came time to deal with the Corvette’s exterior, Sica blasted it to raw ‘glass, then completely reworked the 40-year old body. PPG 93 Black with PPG’s clear coat were used inside and out to coat the shell, but only after Vince had painstakingly slicked and smoothed every inch of it.

While stories of less-than-perfect owner-applied paint jobs are standard fare, in this case the car never saw the light of day until each and every flaw or imperfection was taken out. The proof of this was validated with a Best Corvette award at the inaugural Masters Ultimate Auto Expo, and a Best in Class accolade at the Super Chevy event in Bristol, Tennessee.

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Inside the ’62, supple black leather covers the seats, which have been bolstered and contoured to fit both the car and Vince. Auto Custom Carpet flooring in black, Lokar pedals, a Lecarra custom steering wheel, and a 100-watt amplifier with Alpine speakers make the cockpit a nicer place to enjoy. The combination of Hot Rod Air and Vintage Air components ensure it’s also occupant friendly even on the hottest of summer days. Although Vince isn’t likely to have it out in inclement weather, a new convertible top and a refurbished stock hard top are added insurance against the elements.

A run through the heart of Knoxville along I-40 even in the worst of traffic is no exercise in frustration for Vince, as he simply drops the Super T-10 four-speed into first gear, applies firm, steady pressure on the accelerator, and he’s gone. Built to be a driver but a looker all the same, Vince’s ‘Vette, aptly called “The Raven” due to its monotone look, epitomizes stealth, swiftness and standout appearance.

All we can ask is, is this the last vehicle to come out of Sica’s skunk works? Don’t bet on it; he still has a few ideas lurking in the background, patiently waiting their turn to come to life. We’ll be sure to keep an eye peeled for future pieces of art.  

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