Volume I, Issue 4, Page 70
The classic interior is basic black with typical 1967 use of chrome trim.
Oh, wouldn’t you love to yank the shifter of this high-power, high-profile machine?

Fast forward to 1994 where “Last” was for sale for $18,000. But as interest increased so did the price; up to a hefty at the time, $25,000. Even ProTeam passed on the increased price and “threw the information in the round file.” The car was sold to Bill Mock, a well known collector, who deftly negotiated the purchase down to $22,940. Why that particular number? As we said, we’re not total Vette guys so it was explained that the figure came to match the car’s VIN number.

Jump ahead to 2005 when ProTeam needed a like kind Corvette to wrap a promo around and feature as the cornerstone of their always stout collection. Bill Mock was said to have been willing to part with “Last” but he now wanted $250,000 for it, and it needed a total restoration. ProTeam saw the importance of “Last” and sold several significant Corvettes they had on hand to raise the money. A deal was struck to purchase the car for 10 times the sequential VIN of #22940. We’ll save you the math - the car cost ProTeam a whopping $229,400 and remember that it was still in need of a total restoration. Vette folks pretty much everywhere thought ProTeam had gone Pro NUTS!

Great stance and cool sidepipes!

Non Vette-heads need to know just how the Vette Community feels about this particular Corvette. They think it is a four wheeled, fiberglass Rosetta Stone of their breed. They’re

not a bit shy about how they feel about what Chevy has been building since then, either. ProTeam owner Terry Michaelis seems to sum it up on his flyers when they say, “Sure they made Corvettes after 1967, but who really cares?” Any specialty car dealer has to know their market to stay in business and ProTeam shows they know theirs. They have more than 150 Corvettes on their hands at any given time at their two Midwestern (Ohio and Indiana) locations. People even buy over the phone or computer without personally seeing them – that’s the kind of juice ProTeam has in the Vette industry.

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