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Type: Six-speed rear-wheel-drive, electronically controlled, automatic overdrive transmission with torque converter clutch.  Clutch-to-clutch architecture with integral electro/hydraulic control module
Maximum engine torque: 430lb-ft
Maximum gearbox torque: 664lb-ft
Gear ratios:
First: 4.02
Second: 2.36
Third: 1.53
Fourth: 1.15
Fifth: 0.85
Sixth: 0.67
Reverse: 3.06
Maximum shift speed: 6,500 rpm
Maximum validated gross vehicle weight: GVW: 8,600 lb
GCVW: 14,000 lb
5-position quadrant: P,R,N,D, S (DSC)
Case material: Die-cast aluminum
Shift pattern: (2) Three-way on/off solenoids
Shift quality: Five variable-bleed solenoids
Torque converter clutch: Variable bleed solenoid
Converter size: 10 in/11.8 in
Fluid type: DEXRON VI
Transmission weight: 209 lb (wet)
Fluid capacity (approximate): 8.0 qt
Pressure taps available: Line pressure
Assembly sites: Ypsilanti, Michigan
Current applications: STS-V, Escalade, Denali (6L80), 2500HD Silverado/Sierra (6L90)