Volume III, Issue 6, Page 31
By Ro McGonegal - Photos by Kevin Thompson - 06/17/08

arkness is complete. It has neither depth nor weight, no fragrance, no thing palpable. It is just there. That is a natural state. But when talk shifts to The Dark it works all kinds of things up though, doesn’t it, all kinds of emotions and fears that have yet to be dealt with. Scary never knowing who you’ll bump into on the highway? Did you have a smooth day or did something grind your guts until you were ready to pick up an object and make it lethal?

On the other hand, you may just whisper for anonymity, distain intrusions on your soul and your sanctity. In another world, that behavior, those traits would constitute a subjective personality. “They” told me that’s what I had and that I should play the oboe and that I was a not a leader type but not a follower either. Looked like I was either going to pump gas for the rest of my life or become something meaningful like a car junkie magazine writer. An independent producer, you might say. The underlayment, of course, was fear of embarrassment, being singled out, having to answer questions whether I knew the correct response or not. The flip side of this is an objective personality--gregarious, outgoing, often a real pain in the ass.

On one of my sojourns to Memphis, my benefactor, racer, engine-builder, fabricator, EFI conversion expert, hot rodder Kevin Thompson kept telling me stories about an old C10 that he’d done up for a friend but that he didn’t care for the graphics (“way too ‘80s”) and wouldn’t let me see the thing until the paint got changed. Now, nobody would look at this truck twice. It’s a nice, clean resto--that’ll peel the hide clean off a C6 ZO6.

Just like everywhere else, Memphis adheres to a street racing ethic, this truck has never been down a drag strip. Nobody wants anybody to know how quick or fast it is…or isn’t. Not when a pile of fun tickets is often involved. I asked KT about it. He built the 565ci pump gas motor and has never had it on a dynamometer, either.

For a street engine, it’s loaded with parts that would do a race package nicely. Though a registered, documented nitrous oxide abuser, Kevin “The King of Stealth” Thompson put none of that on Keith Wright’s truck. Its all-motor stealth isn’t it? Or did he just camouflage the stuff, run the lines below ground, as he is notoriously known to do?

Regardless, he based the whole thing on a Dart Big M cylinder case packing an Eagle forged rotating assembly and pistons with an 11.0:1 compression ratio against Dart 345cc runner aluminum heads. “I cleaned ‘em up a little [the heads], but mostly they’re right outta the box,” declared KT.

A hydraulic roller camshaft of undisclosed origin provides 0.720-inch lift and 279 degrees of duration at 0.050 and works with Jesel 1.7:1 shaft rockers. Though not at all a stealthy scene under the stock hood, KT couldn’t resist using the plain stock rocker covers (two gaskets give the Jesel stuff enough room). The PCV arrangement is a fake. That Canton Accu-Sump, Pure Power filter, GZ Motorsports vacuum pump, Billet Fabrications pan and Titan oil pump keep all the slick stuff on the move and at the right attitude. Transmission fluid and engine coolant are passed through a Ron Davis aluminum core with thermostatically controlled fans and the aid of a CSI electric pump.