Off the Straight and Narrow

In a family of drag racers, Cody Coughlin drives a Monte Carlo stock car

The gang's all here

Among his famous racing family, Cody Coughlin is taking the road less traveled.

While many of his cousins, as well as his famous father and uncles, are following in his grandfather's footsteps in the world of drag racing, 16-year-old Cody decided to do things a little differently.

He's traded in his Junior Dragster for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo stock car, with the dream of running in the top echelon in NASCAR someday. So why stock car racing?

"I get asked that question from time to time, but there's really not an exciting answer," Coughlin said. "I can't remember a certain point where I said, 'Oh, I want to this instead of that.' I do remember watching Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon, and I always wanted to do what they did. They were always my heroes and role models.

"I've always enjoyed being in the car for a long amount of time. Drag racing is fun; I tried it. Maybe when I get older, I'll try a big car like a full-size dragster, but for now I like where I'm at."

Cody’s grandfather, Jeg Coughlin Sr., started drag racing in high school, continuing to race while he built the JEGS high-performance parts business. Jeg Sr. won numerous NHRA national events in several classes, so naturally his four sons were drawn to drag racing.