Volume I, Issue 5, Page 43

It’s amazing but it seems to happen a lot these days - original high-performance muscle cars with low mileage coming out of garages all across the country. That’s the case with Tom Souter’s original '69 Z/28 Camaro that to date has only 30,057 miles on the odometer. Strange but true, this car was stored for many years, but a twist of the ignition key reminds us of exactly how great these cars were -- and still are!

Tom, a longtime fan of high-performance Bow-Ties, found this Camaro in New Mexico.  Originally ordered from Ed Black Chevrolet in Albuquerque, the preserved First-gen sported a Burgundy paint job when it arrived from the factory. That turned out to be this classic’s problem, as it was the last Z/28 on the lot with no buyers in sight.  What was the dealer to do?







As the story goes, finally a buyer appeared, but made it very clear that he didn’t want a Burgundy-colored Z/28 Camaro.  The fix by those accommodating performance enthusiasts at Black was to paint it.  With painstaking care, the Camaro’s color was changed to LeMans Blue with white Z/28 stripes before it was delivered to its original owner. To date, the only trace of the Burgundy coloring is near the dashboard, the folks at Black having taken the car apart to paint it properly. According to Souter, a connoisseur of good paint, the paint job was very well done.

When Souter found the car it was part of a collection that included a '70 Chevelle LS6 and a '70 Nova big block 4-speed ca (among many other classics). Clearly the Camaro was the owner’s favorite because of its originality.