Volume III, Issue 1, Page 31

t first glance it looks like a stock ’64 Chevelle riding on performance rims and tires. But beneath that mundane surface is one of the winningest index cars in the south, filled with all sorts of the latest go-fast goodies and old-school engineering. Built by Rick Pennington and son Lil’ Ricky,  in Birmingham, AL, blue Malibu is a two-time Outlaw Racing Street Car Association (ORSCA) 7.0 index championship winner (2005, 2006) and recently was named one of the Top 10 Drag Cars of the Year by Super Chevy Magazine.

“We’d been running Super Chevy for several years and I’d always wanted one of those Editor’s Choice awards and I was warming the car up Sunday morning at Montgomery (AL) last summer when I saw the guy coming by with the plaques. I actually thought, ‘Man, I wish he was coming by to give me one,’ and sure enough he stopped the car and presented me with one,” Pennington Jr. recalls.

“Then he said he really liked the car and the way it was leaving off the line and said he was going to suggest it as one of the Top 10. I really didn’t take him too serious and just thought he was being nice, but when we got back from PRI [the racing trade show in Orlando last December] there was a letter from Super Chevy saying we had been chosen as a Top 10 Drag Car. It was very, very cool.”

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