Volume III, Issue 11, Page 25

Ryan Mohr’s “Latest Flame” Proves It!

Text and photos by Dufus Garbonzo

Last month in this Chevy of the Month spot, that choad John Carollo said that Rat Rods rule. Well, I’m here to tell ya, he’s so full of it his eyes are brown. Kustoms are king – not those jive rat rods!

And we present Ryan Mohr of Mentor, Ohio’s Kustom Chevy as proof. If you want details, it’s a ’51 Chevy Styleline Deluxe Coupe. And as Flyin’ Ryan is a custom painter in both the flake/flames and pinstriping realms, his business card has four wheels. Ryan spent the better part of two years of nights and weekends on Latest Flame and it looks like it paid off.

Along the way, he collected plenty of kool stories about hunting down just the right pieces for it. Like when a friend of his scored a clean ’55 Chevy with low miles he literally bought from an old lady. The friend had plans for the ’55 that included a Rat motor, four-gear, and a Ford ‘niner so the motor, tranny and rear were of no use to him. Ryan started talking and snagged the deal for the 235ci 6-hole Stovebolt, ‘Glide, driveshaft and rear-end. Ryan dropped ‘em all in, gave the ‘Glide a Hurst. Ryan then gave the motor a bigger breath of air with an Offy two-pot intake, split manifold, solid lifters, two-inch pipes and the shortest mufflers Smitty’s makes. As Ryan says, “She barks big-time,” and with just the right amount of rap.

Chassis changes on the ‘Flame were kept simple, too. He slid in 4-inch blocks and air shocks in the rear—to keep the frame off the rear end when the trunk is loaded up for the road, cuz this baby’s a driver. Another chassis change in the name of safety was the conversion to disc brakes on the front actuated by an R/B’s Obsolete Parts power disc brake unit. The ’55 Chevy rear retained the drum brakes. Stock wheels with flying saucer hub caps and moldy oldie Sears Allstate, wide-white bias-plies round out the rolling stock.