Rocco’s Dream Ride

By Matt Strong

Rocco Carbonara is an interesting guy that loves being a first generation American. His family is from the old country (Italy) and they have made sure he appreciates the wonderful life full of opportunities we enjoy. He started this project when he was just 25 and now at 30 he is enjoying driving his dream car.

When you have wanted something badly, starting at a young age, it will sometime be yours with luck, a lot of hard work, and most of all, commitment. A 1970 Z28 Camaro, the first year of the second generation of the breed, was what Rocco dreamed about. That Z-28 has split front bumpers, a large grille area, a greatly improved suspension and some engine tricks that made it one of the most sought after Camaros in the history of the marquee. By the way, the front and rear spoiler were actually wind tunnel designed, which for 1970 was very unusual. Most factory spoilers were just cosmetic and marketing afterthoughts.

To say he lusted for this car would be stating his case without emphasis. He simply had to have one and it took a curious sequence of events to actually make it happen.

This full shot gives you a clear image of the full lines of the body and trim. To me, this is the most beautiful Camaro ever made.
This shot of the engine and firewall show off the beautiful restored firewall, heater box and even the extra chrome including the alternator bracket, water pump, fan, wire looms and other details with just a bit of flash.