Paul Comeau is a Corvette expert and when he builds or restores a Corvette in his shop, The Corvette Shop Inc., his reputation is on the line because each car he touches is a rolling billboard for his business. That is how he built his business and now he is recognized as the best Corvette shop in the Hudson Valley of New York, about 60 miles north is NYC.

As a shop owner what can you do as a Corvette Restoration specialty shop when a very old customer has you build a Grand Sport Corvette and you seal the deal with just a handshake, invest more than $100,000 in his car, and then he refuses to pay the bill?

No, Paul Comeau didn’t do anything rash, as I probably would have; instead he put a mechanic's lien on it and now owns it outright and drives it regularly. It is very “kool” to see this semi-loud 6.2 liter LS3 engine motivate the fiberglass body, tube chassis and complete generation four Corvette suspension down the street in full livery for road racing.

It is a beautiful Grand Sport 1964 Corvette replica body built by Pigeon Performance in Canada. Paul found the car on the Internet and bought it for his client as an uncompleted project that the owner knew he could never complete. When it arrived at The Corvette Shop, Paul knew he had some big problems to deal with.