Mighty Mouse - Don and Dan Barrie's Heroic Nova II

Not every car story begins with a long lost vehicle from the past, or a lifelong love of a particular model. Sometimes you just want a cool car that goes fast. Don Barrie was looking for a street car. He’d had a ’69 Camaro, so while he may not have been looking for bleeding edge performance, an Escort or Cavalier wasn’t going to cut it. So in heroic fashion, Don screwed his courage to the sticking post and headed into the morass of Craigslist.

Concerns about practicality took a time out when he saw this car. In the small town of Lompoc, CA, a superhero slumbered in automotive form. The car was a ’62 Chevy Nova II, and while it wasn’t exactly showroom quality (a stint in a barn will do that), the car’s history and future shone through. No daily driver, this asphalt warrior had earned its stripes in the ‘60s and 70’s, racing first as a straight-axle Gas car, then as a Bracket/ET car. It was at one of its trips down the now-defunct Golden State Raceway that it found its name, Mighty Mouse.