Volume I, Issue 2, Page 14

As a journalist for more than 25 years, I can appreciate how hard it is to get the big story.  Last month we kicked off our inaugural issue of maxchevy.com with Part 1 of an interview of a man who I feel epitomizes the definition of big.  Vic Edelbrock Jr., has contributed more towards building the performance aftermarket industry than we could ever give him credit for.  But beyond the sharp businessman and devoted father figure, Vic has a true love for machines that go fast.  He is rightfully  proud of his company’s achievements and developmental prowess over the years, but perhaps more than that, he has a true appreciation of all the things the industry has taught him.  As I mentioned last month, I have known Vic for nearly two decades and throughout those years have had the opportunity many times to speak with him one-on-one.  For this interview I was fortunate to sit with him for more than three hours as he talked about the early years and how his company has evolved into the multi-faceted giant it is today.  And when I walked out of this American icon’s digs, what I came away with was a new appreciation for what it takes to develop  cutting edge components and what it means to be able to create a project car the way I want to, and to do so with quality products from a company built by a man named Edelbrock. -- Terry Cole

MC: Let me take the liberty at this point to ask a couple of business-related questions. 
VE: Go right ahead, Terry.

MC: How has the knocking off of your products in poor countries affected your business? 

VE: We've lost some business for sure, but we don’t know exactly how much. To me, it's not fair, but there's no law against it, they just took our stuff and copied it.  They even copied to the point that the tooling we use to mill our manifolds was left on.  They didn’t even bother to grind those off when they went and did their work.  It's not right when you are competing against a situation where they are paying their workers the equivalent of 48-cents an hour.  Fortunately, I have a name and that is what we are drawing on today.  A name says quality and when you go the big cruise and have a dozen guys come up and say thank you, thank you for staying American..

MC:There have been a bunch of really nice red cars that have served as promotional vehicles for Edelbrock.  Which are still in the Edelbrock stable and are these vehicles that you actually drive?  Is there one car that you have a passion for?

VE: Terry, I like them all.

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