Interview: Jimmie Johnson

(James Drew photo)

Five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, Jimmie Johnson, No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet, was the guest on the NASCAR Weekly Teleconference on Nov. 23.  Here is the transcript of that interview.

MODERATOR: Good afternoon. Welcome to today's NASCAR teleconference with our 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson. Jimmie won his fifth title last Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway coming from second in the standings to take over the top spot. Jimmie won six races in 2010 on his way to his fifth consecutive championship.

Jimmie is only the third driver to win five or more titles, joining NASCAR Hall of Famers Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty, who each have seven.

Jimmie, you've had a couple of days being a five-time champion, talk about what this fifth title means to you.

JIMMIE JOHNSON: Oh, it's everything. I mean, it's just been an amazing experience, amazing for myself and the team. I think it's been great for our sport to see the comparisons drawn to other sports that have been able to link together multiple championships.

It's been awesome, a ton of fun. I could use some sleep, no doubt about that. It's been a busy two days.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Jimmie. We'll now go to questions from the media for today's teleconference guest Jimmie Johnson.

Q: Jimmie, what are you going to do, if anything, different this off-season and are you planning on racing in Daytona in the Rolex again?

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JJ: Yeah. This off-season we really don't have much planned. Really just want to be home, enjoy the holidays with our daughter. She's so young, there's not going to be much action. But just to be home, just enjoy what we've accomplished, just kind of hang out really. I'm really dying for some downtime, to be honest with you. The off-season is going to be busy with testing at Daytona and some other stuff coming along.

But it's going to go by quick. I am going to compete in the Rolex 24, so that's going to eat into some of my downtime, as well.

Q. Driving with the GAINSCO guys again?


Q. You're a perfectionist. You've won five straight. Are you totally satisfied?  What is next? What do you see out there? What do you want to accomplish after all this?

JJ: You know, for me, I do feel satisfied. But I have never set marks for myself that I wanted X amount of championships or wins and stuff like that.  I mean, since I was kid, what's drawn me to racing is the feeling inside of me, the passion I have for the sport, the feeling I have while competing and doing what I do in a car, on a bike, whatever it's been. I guess someday when that goes away, I'll stop. But I've always been a guy that when I focused on something and I commit to doing it, I'm going to give a hundred percent. As long as I'm in that car, I'm going to apply myself and do everything I can for the team and hopefully be competitive enough to win races and compete for championships. So I hope that answer works. But I don't have any major goals. If it all ended today, I would be extremely satisfied and proud of what I accomplished, but I still have that desire to work, do my job and compete.