Volume III, Issue 2, Page 23


Engine type: 582 UltraStreet HHR
Engine builder: Scott Shafiroff Racing Engines

Measures & Volumes

Displacement: 582ci
Bore x stroke: 4.600 x 4.375
Compression ratio: 10.5:1
Main journal size: 2.750
Main bearing clearance: 0.028 -0.030
Crankshaft end-play: 0.006 -0.008
Rod journal size: 2.200
Rod bearing clearance: 0.026-0.028
Rod side clearance: 0.016-0.020
Rod, center-to-center:  6.535
Rod/stroke ratio: 1.493
Piston-to-bore clearance: 0.0065
Piston compression distance: 1.060
Crank centerline-to-deck: 9.790
Piston deck height: 0.007 (in the hole)
Head gasket compressed thickness: 0.040
Combustion chamber volume: 114cc

Tightening Values (lb-ft)

Manley head bolts: 75         
Dart main studs: 105
ARP rocker arm studs: 60
ARP intake manifold bolts: 35
Manley connecting rod bolts (w/30w petroleum-based oil): 95
Damper bolt: 90
Timing chain bolts: 30
Lube: Proprietary moly type


Test facility: SSRE (Bohemia, NY)
Peak power at rpm: 765 at 6,000
Peak torque at rpm: 695 at 4,500
Timing: 32–33 degrees
Spark plugs/gap: NGK 7938/0.035

Strapped to the Sunnen and saddled with deck plates, Big M gets its orifices reamed with a 400-grit diamond stone and then a final “brush” step.

In preparation for the main cap installation, Joe anoints the ARP bolts with conventional motor oil. Notice splayed caps.

SSRE’s Joe Gentile inserts bore gauge to check the main bearing clearance the “real way.” No plastigage here, bud!

Callies 4340 crank is sourced from America.  Its journals feature Dura-Tough heat treating and precision sizing and finish.