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I have just returned from a three-week trip to Colombia, South America; boy did I get a wake up call. Since I was visiting my wife's family in both Bogota and Cali, Colombia, I was able to ask questions and get some interesting answers: none of them what I expected.

My wife's cousin, in Bogota, happens to have an eight-car collection of sweet collectables and they are all 100% restored, or getting restored, to their factory specs - with no thoughts about improving them. Sergio has a mid-70's TR6 that is pristine, a 1960's M-B survivor without any restoration that will stay that way. His Porsche Turbo / 911 is still as fast as it was when it left the factory, but not any faster. His 1990's M-B two-door Sports Car has the same exit speed it did new. Yet, when he found out I have heavily modified my 1985 El Camino he was aghast.

"How could anyone modify a car that a great factory built?"; Sergio told me more than asked. "Especially the truly great cars"; he continued. Well Cuz no one I know has ever claimed a TR-anything was a great car. (You can add your own number, but I think they've quit counting by now.) I'll give him kudos for the 60's BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and original Morris- Mini, but that's all.

I asked he why he never thought of modifying any of his cars so they would be more able to operate in our modern world and he gave me the strangest look without saying anything. Now I understand why my Brother-in-law (a Scott from the North of the country) thinks I more than a little "buggers".

I have asked both the reverse of their question, "why not" and their answers were the same, "if you wanted something different you should have bought something different."

Not much I can say about that kind of thinking and I am SFG (so...glad) you - our readers wouldn't either. Let's ignore the rest of the world and continue our love of hot-rodded V-8 Chevrolet's, just the way we have been doing for 60 years - this year.

Matt Strong

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