The advantage of a clean workspace

I don’t know if you have ever just taken off a month or two during the best weather of the year for working outside. I have and it has always been frustrating me because as hard as I tried I could not force myself to get back in the shop and get working. The reason(s) for this had never been clear to me until recently and it was a big surprise.

What had been de-motivating me at least twice a year? A messy workshop. No, I didn’t stutter with my fingers going across my keyboard, I simply hate having a mess where I’m trying to get work done. I have always innately known that when my desk and office get messy I have to stop and clean things up before I can get back to writing. But, I had never extrapolated the mess in my office to my workshop.

One thing that is inherent in this problem is I don’t have a two-car garage and in the single car garage I have, my Elko is too long to fit. I have built this entire car on my very sloped driveway except when I needed to change the engine and my friend Steve Agnello invited me to his three-car garage. His engine lift and strength made the job quick and easy.

Now, understand this, I take out tools during the day and as soon as I am finished working I stop, clean and return them to where they belong. I am really anal about this because I cannot stand having to spend any of my time looking for tools when I could/should be working. The same goes for my camera equipment, I am a professional photographer and the worst thing of all – having to look forlenses, filters, etc.; just like looking for bolts, screws, etc., I removed when taking things apart.

For example, I always, always re-install the hood hinge bolts to the hood if I take the hood off for some reason. All of this came to mind last week as I was completing the installationon a new “Monster Transmissions & Performance” 700R4 HD slush-box. (It is capable of handling 550 lb. ft. of torque). There was such a mess in my workshop that I found myself slacking off until it registered as a case of the “Messy Office & Desk Syndrome”.

I went into my workshop and spent two entire days fixing the problem and that includes everything just laying around as well as sorting out Metric from Inch fasteners. On the third day I woke up and went happily downstairs to get work and complete the transmission project. Just think about this and don’t be surprised if you are relating to this editorial in one or more ways.

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