Don McDavitt's '65 Chevelle


PSCA at LVMS 2014: Ageless Don McDavitt in action with his beautiful '65 Chevelle in winning form at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The driver combines flawless performance from his Chevrolet with quick driver reactions to win big $$$ in PSCA and other competition.

During the last few years, we have covered several of Mel Roth's PSCA events at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Each and every time, Don McDavitt has traveled the 150 miles from his retirement home on the shores of Lake Havasu, Ariz., along the Colorado River to Las Vegas for the event. Don told us he has quite a few wins to show for his efforts and indeed we noticed that nearly every PSCA race has McDavitt in a final round.

PSCA-2013: The perennial winner from Lake Havasu is seen here lining up for a final in Goodyear Open Comp. Don combines great reaction times with steady performance from his Chevrolet engine combination to capture a lot of titles in the southland, including this hard fought battle with another regular PSCA winner, Bob Williams!