These are the basic inserts that you stick into your collector and bolt into place using the collector’s three-hole flanges. These are simple, highly adjustable and very sweet sounding. I tack welded the pipe caps on just because I had a welder available at a friend’s shop.


If you are like most of us you generally have to save all the money needed for big purchases before spending. Take for example; I wanted a set of “Hooker Super Comp” headers and the tariff was just about six hundred bucks. Not a bad price for high tech, ceramic coated, equal length long tube headers using 7/8” tubing for the primaries and ending with a 3” collector sixteen inches long. But, after checking prices it would cost me another six hundred dollars to send the gases to the rear in a traditional dual exhaust system.

My new Hooker Super Comp headers are beautiful and I wanted to show them off to hear people say, “Wow”.  But, how could I cram a complete muffler into the tight space without going out the side with 3” exhaust pipe like I had with my Black Jack headers. I started looking in my Summit catalog and found a company called “Car Chemistry” located in Waxahachie Texas. I went to their website ( and their products are basically exhaust items and a lot of Rack & Pinion steering conversions for muscle cars.

Car Chemistry makes insert mufflers you can stick into the collectors and they are plenty cool. But, I didn’t want the exhaust to go straight back, I wanted a down turn to send the noise into the road where it could be absorbed.  When I built my first exhaust system for this car I ran stainless mufflers right behind the header collector by using a reducer from 3 inch to 2.5 inch and then out the side in front of the rear tire. This worked decently, but I hated the look of the pipes hanging down.

Look closely at the standard inserts and then at the down-turn with inserts built into them. They are way “Kool” if you are not interested on running the exhaust out the back of the car. This is what you need to order and what I used. By the way - did I tell I really love them? I used the punched out restrictor and they are just what I wanted sound wise. They let you know there is horsepower hiding in the engine, but do not get offensive when you drive sanely: but, be careful with the local constables.